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Tarasenko Genadiy

13 February 2010

Tarasenko Genadiy sent a message to ‘In the News’ concerning a theory that there are two hollow spheres within the earth that have a role in electro-magnetism. Astronomer Edmont Galya (1656-1742) advanced the idea to explain the displacement of the magnetic poles. The email goes on to envisage the spiral nature of the universe indicating rotation = dynamo affect = the accumulation of an enormous electric charge. When these explode (electric discharge) plasma ball shaped planets are formed (stars) possessing both magnetic and gravitation fields due to the revolving plasma. In turn, as far as the earth is concerned, spiral rotation of plasma, is known by earth science as subduction processes. Life on earth began with plasma, from space, and so on. Anyone wishing to find out more information can email our Russian friend at tarasenko-genadi [at] rambler [dot] ru

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