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26 February 2010

http://www.bernama.com February 23rd … newly found archaeology in India has revealed traces of human activity before the huge Toba eruption at 74,000 years ago. In fact, human activity has been preserved by uncovering the ash laid down by the volcano – in a similar fashion to Pompei. Humans were therefore in India before the Out of Africa theory assumes they left Africa – more and more problems are piling up for the accepted version of the spread of homo sapiens around the world. Stone tool analysis has revealed they are similar to those made by homo sapiens in Africa – but in India they date to the Middle Palaeolithic period, and such tools are found before and after the Toba volcano (as are animal spiecies found under the ash – indicating there were no extinctions as such). It may be that the Toba volcano was a symptom of a much wider disaster – even, dare I say it, another catastrophe of some kind.

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