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YD Boundary Event Updates

6 March 2010

New Scientist 204-2734 November 14th 2009 page 10 … Kate Revilous claimed a mud core from the bottom of Lough Monreagh in western Ireland shows that the Younger Dryas event was so quick that very cold conditions set in within less than a year – possibly within weeks.

http://cosmictusk.com/geology-conference-independents-locate-anomalous-green-layer.html … See menu on left hand side of web site. A sediment core from El Carrizal, Baja California in Mexico has yielded a layer contemporary with the Rancho la Brea (tar pits) (see earlier post) at the Pleistocene termination as well as the disappearance of Clovis culture. Evidence supporting or refuting this hypothesis has implications for geology in general as well as palaeontology and archaeology. The site is located along an uplifted fault with an arroya exposing the Pleistocene-Holocene transition sediments. The presence of in situ Rancho la Brean megafauna fossils at El Carrizal, such as mammoth remains, is significant. There was an anomalous greenish clastic layer which appears to correlate with black mat formations found elsewhere. In the laboratory it yielded magnetic spherical particles and a peak in radioactivity at a depth of 136cm coinciding with the lower part of the clastic layer.

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