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Ice Age Florida

7 March 2010

http://www.tcpalm.com March 4th … a local newspaper with a story about human bones found in association with extinct Pleistocene animals – in Florida. Excavations are being organised to unearth more information but provisionally they are assumed to date shortly before the YD boundary event. The discovery was made some 80 years ago during the digging out of a canal. It hit national newspapers at the time but scientists ignored it as they did not believe humans coexisted with mammoths and other beasts of the Pleistocene fauna. How often has this sort of thing happened – too often is the answer. It’s amazing that some scientists are able to turn their faces and deny facts as they turn up in the field simply because the evidence contradicts what they think. Why should what any one person or group of people think have precedence over evidence dug out of the ground. It’s an incredible attitude – and just the same narrow attitude is being displayed daily in the climate change debate. Too many scientists have made up their mind and turn their face and ignore evidence to the contrary. Up to 66 pieces of human bone from five individuals was found and it is estimated there are animal bones from 120 species. Above the buried layer there is an erosion zone – and above that no evidence of Pleistocene fauna (indicating a rapid burial event and disappearance from the geology). Happily, in light of the current interest in the YD boundary event, the geology is going to be reinvestigated.

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