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Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Solar Activity (and the odd Full Moon)

22 April 2010

Piers Corbyn at www.weatheraction.com posted this article on April 17th. Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, at the online site of his company, Weather Action (long range weather forecasts) announced a major and important finding (according to the blurb) that solar-lunar effects give rise to earthquakes and volcanoes and he warned that the major solar explosion, or Coronal Mass Ejection of 13th April will increase the risk of more earthquakes, renewed eruptions of the Iceland volcano (which happened) and extreme weather events world wide as it inter-acts with the earth between 18-24th April. Long periods of low solar activity over the last two years correspond to more extreme earthquake, volcano and weather events is well known (see http://bit.ly/91913x ) but he claims new advance in knowledge has been gained that seem to show that solar cycle minima (such as cycle 23 to 24 as now) are more dangerous and within long quiet periods the biggest earthquake and volcano events are triggered by extra solar activity in certain newly understood predictable types of Weather Action Solar Lunar Impact periods (or SLIPs). Whatever is going on new findings are that 25 of the 26 quakes which occurred January to April coincided with SWIPS (and or New or Full Moons). All 6 of the major quakes occurred in the SLIP window and the very largest, that in Chile, coincided with the Full Moon.

Has Piers Corbyn in some way connected with the Alexander Thom thesis – our ancestors, particularly around 2300-2000BC, had an extraordinary interest in the Moon, and the extremes of it’s orbit.

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