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New Chronology Update May 10th

10 May 2010
Ancient history

The New Chronology Yahoo group has a series of emails from Eric Aitchison on reign lengths, and dynasties 18, 19 and 20 in respect of Manetho and other ancient sources. He is arguing that Manetho is more reliable than some forum members are prepared to admit.

There is also a series of posts on the Old Babylonian texts found at Tell el-Dab’a. Firstly, a palace of Khyan has been found between Dab’a and Ezbit Helim where NK palaces were also built. It is possible there was a 13th dynasty palace or building preceding Khyan, details are yet to be published. Sealings of the 13th dynasty have been found there so they do appear to have been active at the site – possibly during the Hyksos era rather than before it. It seems a clay tablet dated to within the last 50 years of Dynasty One at Babylon was found in the palace – and it is being said that Khyan was contemporary the tail end of dynasty One. However, the tablet was found at the bottom of a well so nobody is absolutely sure. A seal of Hammurabi (somewhat earlier within Dynasty One at Babylon) was found 500m from the palace of Khyan – and it;s chronological significance is also open to question.

There are also emails concerning the discovery of an Iron IIA town wall at Jerusalem (reported on In the News) and dated to 1000BC by one group of Israeli archaeologists (with a political agenda) as well as an ostrocon written in Proto-Canaanite script from a site not far from Jerusalem (also subject to the same political interpretation) and both were fairly quickly assigned to the reign of David (as reported on In the News). However, as Bob Porter points out in the NC David lived in the LBA and Iron IIA would date around 800BC.

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