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Aborigines blasted

6 June 2010

At www.thunderbolts.info one of the forum subjects concerns the discovery in the area of Lake Mungo and Lake Victoria in Australia of the bones of an estimated 15,000 fossil bodies that seem to have died in a major catastrophic event. It was an ancient meeting place for Aborigines, and inter tribal gatherings like this were common amongst Pacific cultures. Indeed, they were common in many parts of the world, even in Europe. It is assumed by Thunderbolts commenters on the forum that they are the remains of a group of people from such a gathering – but that must depend on how they died as Lake Mungo is a famous archaeological site dating back well into the Pleistocene. The inference is that a plasma discharge killed them – and a video has been made to illustrate the claim (link on the site) but this is not necessarily the case as a tsunami wave or a landscape wild-fire might have been to blame. Or an airburst along the lines of the Tunguska event (but see www.ancientdestructions.com ).

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