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Altitude … Snowballs …

2 July 2010

http://news.yahoo.com the journal Science (July 2nd) claims Tibetans and Han Chinese separated from each other just 2750 years ago. The group that moved into Tibet dwindled in numbers but the lesser group, remaining at a low altitude, expanded dramatically. As such the Tibetans adapted to a very high altitude in a very short period of time – and the Han went on to dominate China. This story reappears on Daily Galaxy on July 3rd, posted by Casey Kazan. However, there is something highly suspicious as the Han Chinese are numbered in their countless millions and the Tibetans virtually in thousands. Is this a bit of Chinese propaganda to show Han Chinese have a historical link to Tibetans and therefore a right to occupy that country?

The snowball earth element comes from a story at http://calderup.wordpress.com and evolutionary response to the rise of oxygen in the atmosphere of the earth some 2000 million years ago led to the appearance of multi cellular creatures – fossils that nowadays can be picked up with your fingers in Gabon in West Africa (from a paper in Nature July 2nd).

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