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31 July 2010


December 8th … Has the Tilt of Uranus been solved?

December 8th … Charge separation in space

Decembeer 8th … On the Perils and Problems of Confronting Pseudohistory (Velikovsky)

December 9th … The Flood Mystery Solved ?


January 22nd … Hebrew Script on a shard found in the Elah Valley.

January 22nd … Homo erectus (crossing the Mediterranean)

January 22nd … Vikings (were they rebelling against Christian missionary zeal?)

January 22nd … Post Younger Dryas history (the ancient shoreline of Lake Superior)

January 22nd … The Sun and the Planets – Tall Bloke’s theory.

January 22nd … The Tree that refuses to die – 13,000 years and still thriving

January 22nd … Climategate … evidence from Finland of a very warm 1930s

January 30th … Climate – the Gates

January 31st … Younger Dryas Event (AGU 2009 Meeting)

February 4th … Biological enigmas – such as mass extinction events

February 4th … Evolutionary enigmas – such as the La Brea Tar Pits

February 4th … Physics and Cosmology – the Higgs Bosun

February 4th … Catstrophic Scenarios – Real and Imagined.

February 4th … Earth Science – the Kimmeridge Clays

February 4th … Space Anomalies – earth’s orbit may influence asteroids

February 4th … Chronological Matters – Biblical People and Ethnicity

February 4th … Anthropology – Pashtun origins

February 4th … Astronomy and Space – dust in the atmosphere and temperature

February 4th … Douglas Keenan – C14 dating and tree rings

February 4th … Silbury Hill (the tree trunk inside)

February 8th … How did climate become such a big issue?

February 9th … Wolves – extinction and recolonisation of Alaska

February 9th … Stars – the thin membrane of space-time

February 9th … Plant Mutations – speed of transition

February 9th … the Hole in the Crust – the Ethiopian rift in the landscape

February 9th … Pleistocene – the Jet Stream was much further south

February 9th … Current Archaeology 239 – Clovis and the mammoths

February 9th … Extraterrestrial geology (cosmic activity detected in raised bogs)

February 9th … Punt – discovery of boats in a cave on the Red Sea coast

February 9th … Big Heads – Boskop Skulls

February 9th … Semi-conductors – electrons forming complex patterns

February 9th … the Stonehenge Hedge

February 9th … Smoke and Fire – rebirth and regeneration of forest and grassland

February 10th … Climate Tidbits – temperature in the 1930s

February 11th … Roots (migrations)

February 12th … Darwin – only part of the story of evolution?

February 12th … Hobbits and small brains

February 12th … The Sphinx and the Pyramids (the Smithsonian view)

February 12th … Comet Encke and a Tail Story – Russian scientists suggest Tunguska was material from the tail of a comet

February 12th … Plasma and Fractual web sites

February 12th … Climate – Hopeful Science? Miklos Zagoni.

February 12th … Latest Archaeology news – the Orkney seabed

February 12th … Chumash Indians and archaeo-astronomy?

February 13th … Ice Shelving

February 13th … Black and Dead Comets

February 13th … C14 Calibration and Queens University

February 13th … More on the 2009 AGU Meeting

February 13th … Climate and the Media – are they part of the problem?

February 13th … Tarasenko Genadly (a Russian perspective on electro-magnetic forces in the earth)

February 14th … Climate in the Media – an avalanche of stories

February 14th … the science of greenhouse gases (new web site devoted to explaining the processes involved)

February 14th … Cold Fusion

February 15th … Climate in the Media (a regrouping of the consensus)

February 16th The avenue of sphinxes, some 1350 of them

February 16th … Hurricanes (and IPCC errors)

February 16th … Ocean Acidification – the new scare associated with C02

February 16th … Benny Peiser and Sir John Houghton (puff and pant)

February 16th … Drust – and the lightning bolt symbol

February 16th … Greenland Glaciers and Ocean Circulation

February 16th … the case of the younger dryas extraterrestrial impact event (a new theory for the Pleistocene extinctions)

February 16th … Scandinavia-gate (how to create a hockey stick blade in the late 20th century)

February 17th … The Vancouver Sun and archaeology

February 17th … Ice Age anomalies (sea levels not as they should be)

February 17th … Corals in the Andaman Sea

February 17th … the medieval high life of abbots

February 17th … bronze age boats in the Atlantic

February 17th … Canal – early route across the isthmus

February 19th … Chiefio

February 19th … Ghana, Carthage and Tutankhamon (stories)

February 19th … the Creation Illusion

February 19th … Lake Baikal

February 22nd … Another Catastrophe – 100 million years ago

February 22nd … Golden Bough

February 22nd … Further on the DNA of Tutankhamon

February 22nd … Cosmic Tusk update – new papers

February 22nd … Climategate rumbles on

February 23rd … Ape Folk (The Guardian take on human evolution)

February 23rd … Pyramids – trying to refute the pseudo-historical stories

February 23rd … sunlight and holes in tombs and monuments

February 23rd … Potbelly Hill – early Holocene site in SE Anatolia

February 23rd … Climate Capers (money)

February 23rd … Permafrost – is it receding? How would you know?

February 23rd … Supernova – and measuring dark energy

February 24th … Ice shelves, atmospheric dust and hurricanes (new papers)

February 25th … Out of Africa – from Current Biology (special issue)

February 25th … Palaeolithic writing systems – or a message from the Pleistocene

February 25th … Dark Comets

February 25th … climate manoevres – a Met Office wheeze to gag the sceptics

February 26th … underwater waves

February 26th … bronze age race track in Tipperary

February 26th … hyder flares (the Sun and an enormous magnetic filament one million km from end to end)

February 26th … Climate Loops (the role of the Sun in global warming)

February 26th … Icy Equator

February 26th … Gulf of Mexico and the Little Ice Age

February 26th … the Toba volcano – 74,000 years ago

February 27th … Velikovksy Revisited, the Eric Aitchison revision

February 27th … Palaeolithic Extinctions and the Taurid Complex, new paper by Bill Napier

February 27th … Climate Twitters – raw and adjusted data

February 28th … Creation Myths – Rens van der Sluijs

February 28th … the Beaker culture

February 28th … a new route for migration into the Americas (the Vancouver Sun and the possibility people were able to navigate the Arctic Oean during the Ice Age)

February 28th … the Admiral Zheng

February 28th … Weather Eye – in 1815 whaling boats in Arctic waters reported an unprecedented break-up of sea ice off the east coast of Greenland which led to speculation at the time that a new shipping route was about to open (just like media reports over the last couple of years have been saying)

February 28th … Chondrite

February 28th … Climate – the Bigger Picture (palaeoclimatic evidence is dredged up as if it has relevance to the modern world)

March 4th … Climate Twitterings

March 4th … Ostrich eggs and symbolic writing

March 4th … megaliths in the Syrian desert – 8500-4300BC

March 4th … matriarchal societies

March 6th … origin of the alphabet

March 6th … the case for significant numbers of extraterrestrial impacts through the late Holocene

March 6th … ocean vents and el Ninos

March 6th … Utah in Space (karst topography)

March 6th … Human Brains

March 6th … Alaska (ice porkies)

March 6th … Thunderbolts – and the Ice Age

March 6th … asteroid strike at the K/T boundary (the controversy)

March 6th … volcanic lightning, ice on the moon, and ice on Mars

March 6th … Fossil coral, spirits in the sand, and lakes in the Sahara

March 6th … the Akhenaten Mummy (a dispute)

March 6th … the river Eem in Holland gaves its name to the last interglacial, the Eemian …

March 6th … YD Boundary Event – updates (a mud core from Lough Monreagh)

March 7th … Antarctic Impact (a large space rock exploded and showered the ice sheet)

March 7th … the Toba super volcano and a 1000 year cooling episode

March 7th … the highest mountain in the world

March 7th … Ocean Heat – dissipation

March 7th … the K/T Boundary event (the geology)

March 7th … Ice Age Florida

March 7th … Climate Prattle

March 10th … anti-matter lightning

March 10th … the Dark Angel (galaxy)

March 10th … Chile earthquake – an entire city moved by 10 feet

March 10th … Fresh Water – no YD impact found in Antarctic ice cores

March 10th … Mound Culture in North America, earth mounds and rings occur from 3000BC to 1200BC and later (just as in Europe)

March 10th … Hobbit Fued (the Hobbit debate hots up)

March 10th … Kutch (and the Indus civilisation)

March 10th … Czechs in Iraq – a 150,000 years old settlement in Kurdistan

March 10th … Neta’im of Chronicles

March 10th … Climate Mischief – the big fightback against the wave of scepticism

March 11th … Climate Antics – tricks of the trade

March 12th … Current Archaeology – rock art in Britain

March 12th … the Edge of the Trowel – archaeological attitudes towards the numerologists and measurements such as the Megalithic Yard (no wonder Thom was shunted aside)

March 12th … Stonehenge Queries – shallow banks and depressions within the earthwork are yet to be investigated

March 13th … Climate Posturing – a NASA report that poors cold water on Amazon scare story

March 13th … Tasmanian Aborigines – a site reputed to be 40,000 years of age and was seasonally occupied for thousands of years thereafter

March 13th … Dark Flow – a mysterious cosmic dark flow streaming at millions of mph

March 16th … Horticulture and Agriculture – the consensus model is falling apart

March 16th … Bad Archaeology and what it thinks of Velikovsky – as well as Rohl and James and anyone sympathetic to mumbo jumbo (a couple of young graduates who seem to think they know a lot about this and that)

March 16th … Black Hole Fireworks – the monster at the heart of the Milky Way awakes

March 16th … Mammoth Mountain – an old volcano and the early Holocene

March 16th … Climate Paranoia – the battle for minds continues

March 17th … Geomythology

March 17th … One Big Head – a Cro-Magnon skull

March 17th … The Druid’s Arms – a long barrow found in a pub car park

March 19th … Caer Sidhi (the web site of a former member of SIS)

March 19th … Hawaii

March 19th … Frankenstein and the Comet of Yore – from Thunderbolts

March 19th … Oh to be a Sunbeam – a column of dazzling light (Thunderbolts again)

March 19th … Boat Mummies – in a desert north of Tibet

March 19th … Dogs – DNA and origins

March 19th … Red Spot – unlocking the secrets of Jupiter’s red spot

March 20th … the Nemesis Star

March 20th … Climate Designs

March 20th … Water on the Moon

March 21st … Vikings and the Celts

March 21st … Climate Rumble

March 21st …. WWF and Carbon Emissions – the gold rush

March 22nd … the Magnetic Universe

March 22nd … Messenger of Life and Death – Bill Napier at Cosmic Tusk

Mazrch 22nd … Maya Dynasty

March 23rd … Antarctic Fossils – perfectly preserved plants of the tundra buried under ice (but hundreds of miles out of kilter)

March 23rd … Climate Weepies – AGW scientists are feeling sorry for themselves

March 25th … Plates and Tectonic Activity

March 25th … Mapping Venus

March 25th the Triassic Boundary – another event? Domination by crocodilia

March 25th … Rapid Evolution – is it possible?

March 25th … Climate: AGW bigwigs on the bounce (trying to get some authority on an issue that is sloshing around at their feet)

March 27th … a new species of hominid?

March 27th … Hole in the Ground – an impact crater in central Africa

March 27th … Ancient Wall – outside a cave 23,000 years ago

March 27th … New Dating Method (Bayesian C14)

March 28th … the climate story conveyor belt system

March 28th … Red Shift

March 28th … Tushan – an Assyrian city

March 29th … Geo Neutrinos

March 29th … Dark Comets and the WISE mission

March 29th … Are Venus and Earth in a long distance relationship?

March 29th … Wind Farms and Wind Bags (ways to store wind energy, energy bags on the sea floor)

March 30th … High Noon at the Royal Society (how Thom was nobbled)

March 30th … Panning out the brickbats on Amazongate

April 2nd … Angkor – the fall of Khmer 600 years ago

April 2nd … the Biblical plagues – did they really happen?

April 2nd … Bad Archaeology – Bob Porter has confirmed Psusennes lintel was found outsife the tomb of Osorkon II (but not inside as claimed by the boys at Bad Archaeology)

April 2nd … New Zealand Kauri trees may provide a 30,000 year climate record

April 2nd … Carry On Regardless – climate

April 3rd … Mammoths on Wrangel Island

April 3rd … Mid Pliocene – a very warm period

April 3rd … Ice Ages in the early history of the earth

April 3rd … Greenhouse Gas Theory and an Ice Age mystery

April 3rd … YD Boundary event again – attempts to quash the comet theory (similarities with attempts to quash climate sceptics)

April 3rd … Horemhab – a shorter reign?

April 3rd … Dark Comets

April 3rd … Userkare Pyramid – a missing pyramid

April 4th … Bill Napier on the YD Boundary event

April 8th … Aurorae – from Thunderbolts (the history)

April 8th … the milk of cows (or how dairy farming made Europeans what they are)

April 8th … Green Axe – symbolic value in the Neolithic

April 8th … Indus Valley (the development of the civilisation geographically)

April 8th … New Climate Model

April 8th … Lava, climate change, and amber

April 9th … the man who doesn’t like the EU has locked horns on the Tusk – David Morrison has an agenda (why does he defend the consensus view as staunchly as he seems to?)

April 9th … Tell Zeidan

April 9th … dealing a mortal blow to the Medieval Warm Period

April 9th … tails of a recent comet – the Zysman and Wallace theory

April 9th … solar flares and climate 

April 9th … glaciers

April 10th … this week in Science – australopithecus

April 10th … Out of Africa – a new episode

April 10th … a new megalithic site on Darmoor

April 10th … supervolcanoes under the sea

April 10th … sea ice in the Arctic and wildlife

April 10th … India in the early centuries AD

April 10th … commercial archaeology and a wealth of new information the state system cannot keep apace

April 11th … Venus in the Sky – geologically speaking Venus is alive

April 12th … Mount St Helens – 30 years after

April 12th … Richard Lindzen – a blog post that describes just how silly the AGW alarm really is

April 12th … Time Dilation – a cosmological query

April 13th … Accessible articles via links on Cosmic Tusk

April 13th … Gulf dry and wide in the early Holocene

April 13th … electricity in clouds

April 13th … disappearing glaciers in Montana

April 14th … the YD impact. It increasingly looks unlikely – or does it?

April 15th … The IPCC and peer review

April 15th … the Nine Stones of Cut Hill

April 15th … Abraham’s Covenant

April 16th … Black Holes, Sprites, Solar Flares and Interstellar Water

April 16th … That Volcano and Global Warming

April 18th … Zodiacal Glow, Nesvorny and Jennisken

April 18th … Indus script – yet to be decyphered

April 18th … dating anomalies 

April 18th … Black Holes – does the whole universe exist in a black hole?

April 18th … where has all that AGW heat disappeared to?

April 18th … Dark Matter Doubts

April 19th … it’s gonna be a hot dry summer and a cold hard winter (?)

April 20th … the origin of water on earth

April 20th … electrified lunar craters

April 20th … intelligent design and human behaviour

April 21st … Chinese pigs

April 21st … oyster shells, the Medieval Warm Period … and the Romans (the global nature of the MWP)

April 22nd …. searching for neutrinos

April 22nd … Fireballs … and Fire … a fireball over Wisconsin was accompanied by reports of fires breaking out on the ground. Why?

April 22nd … Keenan versus Baillie

April 22nd … the solar dynamics observatory

April 22nd … Lawrence Dixon and the retrocalculation of the Verna Equinox

April 23rd … Earhquakes, volcanoes, and solar activity (and the odd full moon) – trying to understand Piers Corbyn’s weather forecasting ability.

April 23rd … Lopside Core … of the Earth

April 23rd … hidden wonders of Sardinia (tombs of the Ozeiri culture, 3800-2900BC)

April 23rd … Wretched C02 (Lindzen on Rees and Ciccerone)

April 25th … Monsoons, eureka and the science of doom

April 25th .. Ignimbrites – evidence of a comet firestorm? or how about a cosmic discharge?

April 25th … Dating the YD event

April 26th … human origins

April 26th … a catastrophe of comets

April 26th … Asphalt Domes – evidence of petroleum leaking from the ocean floor as a result of volcanism/tectonic activity 35,000 years ago

April 26th … Troy is in the wrong place? A web site devoted to Troy at Bergama

April 27th … Climate Sods (of dirt) and Odds (and balls) – melting ice patches in Canada

April 27th … Comet disintegration – George Howard getting riled

April 27th … Mathematical  Bio-diversity

April 27th … God Kings – a different version of pharaonic history

April 28th … Transient Events in the Plasma Universe – Rens Van der Sluijs

April 28th … the Electric universe

April 28th … Pravda – and climate change (the Russian perspective)

April 28th … trans-Pacific connections

April 29th … Sutton Hoo in its landscape

April 29th … Reachable Stars – patterns in ethno-astonomy (a woolly way of describing American myths and legends)

April 29th … Floods of water at the end of the Ice Age ?

April 29th … water ice found on asteroid

April 29th … Prehistoric Walkabouts

April 29th … the Yamal tree ring controversy

May 2nd … La Nina – are we heading into cool waters?




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