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Antarctica – when was it glaciated?

20 September 2010

At www.thunderbolts.info?forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3566&start=0 … one of the forums at Thunderbolts this week is on the release of Peter Jupp’s new video – the subject is Antarctica. Peter Jupp is a member of SIS and attended the EU Presentation during the summer. We hope to have several of his videos available for sale to interested parties in the near future. He has his own web site, www.ancientdestructions.com.au in which there is a brief description of each of the subjects he takes up. The one on Bronze Age site destructions is recommended – and the one on Baalbek. In his latest video the subject and the way it is treated will not appeal to everybody as Jupp is highly critical of the geology and the idea the Antarctic has been buried beneath ice for millions of years. He is also sceptical of the idea of Gondwanaland which split apart in a very slow process in the uniformitarian model – again, over millions of years. Basically, the implication is that major geological events may have taken place quite quickly – and the glaciation of the Antarctic may have occurred rapidly as a result of pole shift rather than from an extremely slow and tortuous process associated with continental drift – centimetre by centimetre. Whilst a reinterpretation of geology from a catastrophist angle is an admirable position to adopt it is the depth of the revision that is stunning. I leave you to make up your minds. 

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