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Parallel universes and the Black Widow

20 September 2010

Is gravity from a parallel universe creating dark energy? Casey Kazan at www.dailygalaxy.com has a different slant on a story that emerged a few weeks ago – the idea of gravity leaking from a parallel universe. The commenters at the end of what is a short piece are not impressed. Ivar Nielson of Denmark in particular. He thinks cosmologists have got it wrong and suggests electricity in space is the missing ingredient – or in this instance, electro magnetism created by unspecified electrical forces which also accounts for thermal cosmic swirls of gas and matter. He ends by saying there is no need for strange artificial theories about black holes or a big bang which are based on a miscalculation of the speed of light etc.

At www.dailygalaxy.com September 18th there is a good piece on Jupiter and its red spot – which will be targeted by observatories as Jupiter approaches its closest position to earth (which occurrs every 12 years). However, on September 19th at www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2010/09/billion-year-old-black-widow-pulsar/ we are informed the Black Widow pulsar is ripping through the our galaxy at a speed of a million km an hour and a bow shock wave (pictured) due to its passage is visible in optical telescopes. The Black Widow is a rapidly rotating neutron star and emits high energy radiation. The rapid rotation generates intense electro magnetic forces which accelerate particles to high energies to produce a pulsar wind.

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