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Mars and Venus

27 September 2010

At www.thunderbolts.info we have on Sept 24th ‘More Martian Enigmas’  which concerns, among other things, those strange hematite spherules nicknamed blueberries by some wag at NASA who likes his muffins with the wrinkled variety. They were discovered by the Mars Exploration Rovers and have yet to be explained. There are also ‘vast fields of iron oxide dust’ gathered into dune like shapes that lie of top of quartzite slabs of rock – or more practically, on top of the surface. Do they have an origin on Mars, or do they originate from space?

On Sept 22nd, ‘Venus in lockstep’ the anomaly is the resonant orbit of Venus with the Earth. Whenever Venus is at closest approach it always turns the same face towards our planet. The inference is that some kind of influence is being exerted between the two – however, inferior conjunction takes place when Venus is aligned between the Earth and the Sun. Is this significant? Does the influence have an origin in the Sun or is it the long ion tail of Venus that possibly interacts with our magnetosphere? 

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