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The Great Attractor

5 October 2010

Casey Kazan at www.dailygalaxy.com October 5th has a longish post. A huge volume of space that includes the Milky Way and super clusters of galaxies is flowing towards a mysterious gigantic unseen mass that astronomers call the Great Attractor. However, they cannot pinpoint exactly what or where it is.

Meanwhile, the monthly newsletter of the Alternative Cosmology Group, at www.cosmology.info, begins by having a bash at arXiv where papers by new authors or topics off centre are becoming rare as a result of the Old Boys club mind set – endorsement. It then moves on to the Large Hadron Collider, where the results are viewed with anticipation by Casey Kazan, above, but described here as a gargantuan sink that has already gobbled up 13 billion dollars – but has not yet produced anything useful in exchange. Cosmology, it claims, has reinvented itself, from  a philosophical branch of the hard sciences such as observational astronomy and astrophysics, it has become the discipline that now determines how those hard sciences should be taught and practised. Mathematically oriented methods have achieved dominance and modern cosmology can be practised entirely without a telescope.

There follows a series of abstracts of papers on a variety of subjects, from red shifts to plasma cosmology, electric currents in plasma (Zhi lang Yang) to the solar wind, galaxy clustering and rotating galaxies etc.

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