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Water on the Moon and active Venus

28 October 2010

NASA have released a couple of interesting stories at www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/ … and in the first of these it is said Mars Rover Spirit became stuck last year in sand and the ground around it became a focus for a few days. It seemed to show evidence of recent water activity. In this instance, a film of the wet stuff. Possibly it was the result of frost or snow, according to an article in Journal of Geophysical Research (late 2007). However, on the following day NASA updated this to say that the film of water may have come about as a result of carbon dioxide frost (News Release: 2010-359) 'Study links fresh Mars gullies to carbon dioxide' – quoting a report in the journal Geology November 2010.

the second story at NASA says that one in four stars similar to the Sun may host planets as small as the earth (quoting Science Oct 29th).

At www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/64597/title/Venus_erupting.html  which concerns a lava flow on Venus that still has some hot spots in spite of the fact the same lava flow was filmed 15 years ago. In spite of this the lava is thought to be fairly recent but why it should still be warm inside is not really answered. It may of course be still cooling down. Some 1000 volcanoes have been counted (or counted and calculated) but they do not show any sign of activity – so what is going on?

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