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Indus Valley Lakes

3 December 2010

At www.dnaindia.com/print710.php?cid=1474879 …. we learn that the Indus Valley civilisation covered a region that included Baluchistan in the west to the Upper Ganga-Yamuna Daub in the east, a quite extensive area. The town of Dholavira in the Great Rann of Kachchh in Gujarat province was located on an island surrounded by water – a city of lakes. Nowadays it is arid. What happened? Almost certainly it involved tectonic activity that lowered the water table and shifted the water courses – and this occurred, it would seem, between 2300 and 2000BC, although some towns of the Indus probably survived much longer than that. It is in this period of 300 years that Amos Nur suggested an earthquake storm along major plate boundaries broke out – and the Indian plate is pushing up against the Eurasian plate and the Himalayas are being uplifted as a result.

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