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Swift migration of farmers through the Mediterranean

9 January 2011

At www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/68493 … archaeologists in southern Croatia, the bottom of Dalmatia, have discovered farms going back nearly 6000 years – not too dissimilar to those of today. The farms in question were on a strip of land hugging the coast and the farmers may have got there from the sea, or simply by following the coastal plain. The area had been investigated before but on this occasion the archaeologists dug deeper – and found the farms. The Neolithic appears to have arrived abruptly – but as farming was established in Greece around the same time, or a little earlier, it may have been part of a rapid migration out of Anatolia – with an ultimate origin in the Fertile Crescent further to the east. They appear to have settled in villages without any hassle from local tribes or whoever may have been living in Croatia at the time.

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