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Bringing the Mammoths back to life

18 January 2011

At www.physorg.com/print214406296.html … scientists aim to use mammoth skin and muscle tissue excaated from the Siberian permafrost to bring a mammoth back to life – via the womb of a modern elephant. If they succeed they intend to study its genes – and its ecology. What might they discover? Were mammoths a temperate climate animal or an Arctic species adapted to the cold conditions of the Ice Age?

Ay www.physorg.com/print214243317.html … a study in the journal Ecology by the Wildlife Conservancy Society has found that coral reefs are being destroyed by over fishing. It seems that sea urchins feed on coral algae and in recent years they have proliferated because fish species that predate on the sea urchins have become rare visitors to the coral reef in question. Hnece, in order to maintain a stable coral reef system, a variety of fish and other creatures is desirable in order to create the conditions in which coral might thrive.

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