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The giant planet that just won’t show its face to the camera

19 February 2011

See www.physorg.com/print217169841.html a giant planet bigger than Jupiter is lurking in the Oort Cloud, is the claim. Strangely the author quotes the dodgy science newspaper, The Independent – which appears to claim the recent WISE mission found a new super planet in our solar system. The WISE scientists on the other hand deny any such thing, not surprisingly, but with some negativity that has fueled the conspiracy theories. It seems that comet trajectories from the speculative Oort Cloud origin do not actually conform to the theory – and this is the main reason why an unseen planet was conceived, a dark companion to the Sun. It was known as Nemesis and went wild for a while some years ago before subsiding through lack of actual evidence of its existence – which is where the conspiracy bit comes in. The idea of a large planet in the Oort Cloud has been aired again in order to explain why long period comets appear to cluster in a band inclined to the ecliptic rather than coming from random directions. It seems some object is either causing the comet trajectories to change – or there is no Oort Cloud full of comets, or a planet. Take your pick.

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