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The ozone hole is off the radar – why?

18 May 2011
Climate change

The discovery of an ozone hole a couple of weeks ago was all over the doomsaying news – but not anymore. Why? Its because the ozone hole has gone away (see http://chiefio.wordpress.com May 18th). EM Smith suggests the ozone hole is driven by external forces such as UV from the Sun, Birkeland currents from the Sun, and possibly even cosmic ray variations. He says it seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with the distribution of gases in the upper atmosphere – such as CFCs. What appears to move ozone is the solar wind – and the hole is not a hole but a thinning process as Birkeland currents strike the Poles and cause the ozone to shift. It gradually returns as the solar wind lessens as it did after the doomsaying of a few weeks ago.In other words, the doomsaying several years ago, when the ozone hole was headline news and environmentalists were screaming like demented ducks and world politicians were persuaded to place a global ban on CFCs in fridges was another piece of pointless green legislation as the Sun was much more active at that time than it is now. The effect of the Sun's solar wind on ozone was effectively ignored – it must be dastardly humans, rose the cry. We must purge ourselves. The same thing is a specific feature of AGW – it was decided that humans were in some way responsible for a small amount of global warming, and environmentalists latched onto C02 with a vengeance. The Sun is again being ignored – and it would be funny if so much money was not being poured down a great hole.

EM Smith also noticed a hot spot over Japan around the time of the earthquake and tsunami – which may support some of Piers Corbyn's ideas on luni-solar effects on earthquakes and climate. The recent quiet couple of weeks, not a lot going on at the surface of the Sun and nothing of note as far as tectonics are concerned downstairs. However, Piers Corbyn has forecast another earthquake over the next few days – has the Sun awoke again? Smith ends the piece by saying ozone redistribution (not a hole) is due to electrical phenomena, charged particles in the solar wind. This is the heart of the ozone hole process – and it sounds very much like the Electric Universe.

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