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The oceans and the climate – a new study

20 May 2011
Climate change

This story occurs at http://notrickszone.com May 20th and Pierre Gosselin is faintly sarcastic in his description of a new study just published by Nature that says the oceans play a role in climate that is still not understood. In a cynical post he casts a jaundiced eye on the surprise expressed by the climate scientists – his take on their enthusiastic description of previously unknown fluctuations of currents and ocean temperatures in the tropical Atlantic. They appear to follow a cycle of four and half years, they claim, but the big news is that there are deep ocean jets, or very strong and fast currents of water as much as 3000m below the surface. They flow along the equator with myriad flow reversals and what exactly these jets are and what prompts them is open to argument for the moment. The jets appear to rise out of the depths like water spouts but where does the energy come from to drive them as they meet and merge with the ocean currents in the waters nearer the surface causing them to be energised – and to heat. Its exciting stuff, AGW or otherwise. 

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