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11 June 2011
Climate change

The Lindzen paper, it seems, found that climate models are routinely exagerating climate sensitivity. It was accepted for publication on May 22nd and was written by Richard Lindzen of MIT and Song Choi of Seoul. All climate models rely on the hypothesis of feedback increasing the warming effect, the idea being that water vapour increases with rising temperatures so as to inhibit infrared cooling. Clouds become less reflective and cause increased solar absorption and therefore further and deeper amounts of warming. This is basically the nature of the scare – but evidence of feedback in the system has never actually been found. Without feedback the role of C02 is negligible – so what is all the hype about? It may be this is why all those very wet weather events of the last year associated with the onset of the La Nina switch have been seen as evidence of AGW in some quarters, a sort of wishful thinking mind-set. The full paper in pdf format can be downloaded at http://joannenova.com.au/2011/06/when-top-scientists-take-2-years-to-pub… but it seems the problem is that the climate science Team are really environmentalists and not atmospheric scientists. People like Lindzen and Happer are miles ahead of the Team yet the latter are able to constantly obfuscate, block, hinder, scream hysterically or just keep recycling false information while the rest of the science community stands by with its hands in its pockets. Meanwhile, this paper gets published in East Asia after two years of obstructive tactics by the Team and we can see here a definite drift of 'real' science out of the West towards China, Korea, and Japan.  

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