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Tiljander lake sediment data

25 June 2011
Inside science

Proxy data known as the Tiljander series, named after the original researcher on lake varves in a Scandinavian body of water, pops up in the new sea level hockey stick model in spite of the controversy that exists, as pointed out by the original research and by Steve McIntyre and others in a series of searing demolitions of its use in Mann hockey sticks – upside down. Now, the myth is that this particular series of data is used bottom up for a reason – to produce a desired result (eliminating the Medieval Warm Period). In the sea level hockey stick the accusation appears to be that the use of this series is to flatten the medieval warm period – but not eliminate it entirely, on the basis that sea level that rises, in the AGW mantra, is solely because temperatures have risen and glaciers somewhere in the world have melted. This rather simplistic point of view is contrary to most sea level research – and is at odds with historical observations, and archaeology. Geologists have remained dumb for the moment – perhaps they find it so underwhelming they don't feel like wasting time and energy on responding. Doubtles, in fullness of the passing moments, they will – and the general public will get a more comprehensible handle on what has happened over the last two thousand years as far as rising sea levels or lowering land levels are concerned. For the moment, anyone interested in looking at the significance of the Tiljander proxy data go to http://amac1.blogspot.com/2011/06/tiljander-data-series-appear-again-thi… which supplies a debate on the subject with a few commenters who appear to be knowledgeable as well as some links. However, to get at the real nature of Tiljander it is necessary to go to Steve McIntyre's blog as even scientists don't seem to be able to get their hands around the subtlties involved. You can make up your own mind at http://climateaudit.org/2009/10/14/upside-down-mann-and-the-peerreviewed… and http://climateaudit.org/2008/10/02/its-saturday-night-live/ 

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