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Sea Ice, drought …

4 August 2011
Climate change

At www.physorg.com/print231687171.html … a paper in Science (August 5th) by Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen has looked at summer sea ice in the Arctic Ocean throughout the Holocene (roughly the last 10,000 years). For the period 6000-3000BC, known as the Mid Holocene Warm Period, there was far less sea ice in the Arctic Ocean and the coast of northern Greenland was buffeted by waves. 

At www.physorg.com/print231687059.html another paper in the same issue of Science has shown that droughts in East Africa follow a pattern associated with ENSO events. During La Nina there is marginal rainfall (and therefore drought) while during El Nino there is frequent rainfall. At the moment we are in a La Nina situation and the Horn of Africa has less rain than it has had for some time – but you might have read that AGW was to blame. The lake sediment core also revealed that during the Late Glacial Maximum the climate of East Africa was stable and dry – quite different to the Holocene climate. All these things are well known from previous papers but both pieces of research collaborate the facts that have always been accepted until AGW began to cast a shadow on earlier scientific research, with the implication it was unreliable. Obviously, it was not. 

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