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Cern CLOUD again …

26 August 2011

The mainstream media is either ignoring the potential of the experiment at CERN or is taking, once again, soundbites from the establishment – as if they would tell them the truth. Various critics have been dragged out of nowhere, possibly not having read the paper, and asked for their opinions. One of them claimed that clouds do not cause cooling … because it is hot on the surface of Venus and yet there are enormous swirling clouds clogging up its atmosphere. Therefore, it seems, the Sun can't warm the earth – or something like that.

At www.climate-skeptic.com/2011/08/did-cloud-just-rain-on-the-global-warmin… there is a piece about the uphill struggle of Svensmark to get a proper hearing for his hypothesis. He claimed 20th century warming is due to natural effects rather than anthropogenic ones.

It seems the CERN experiment nearly didn't happen and the scientists in charge, such as Kirkby, were subject to considerable hindrance by the establishment – who saw the experiment as a threat. The story is also at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/08/25/some-reactions-to-the-cloud-experi…

Meanwhile, at www.physorg.com/print233481014.html there is a piece on Jasper Kirkby, the physicist at CERN responsible for bringing together the team at the experimental climate chamber that measured the impact of cosmic rays on aerosol creation. The interesting thing here is that it the aerosols that cause the cooling – and the elements of sulphuric acid and ammonia seem to play an important role in the process. What happens during a cosmic intrusion event, a large meteoroid for example or a Tunguska like atmospheric explosion. Mike Baillie has claimed peaks in ammonia (and probably sulphuric acid too) are a feature of dramatic downturns in climate as catalogued in very narrow low growth tree ring events (see New Light on the Black Death: the Cosmic Connection, Tempus:2006) – so are such exceptionally cold years (or clusters of years) an enhanced version of the Svensmark effect?

Elsewhere at CERN, see www.physorg.com/print233481121.html, the director-general, Rolf Dieter Heuer, has said the Higgs bosun is running out of hiding places. Is the Big Bang theory in danger – like CAGW?

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