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Pushing a dead horse … one and two

4 October 2011
Climate change

At www.physorg.com/print236865130.html there is a report on a paper in Applied Geochemistry that resurrects the issue of acid rain (which died a death a number of years ago) and ocean acidification (a new one on the block). These are scare stories that have been debunked but are regularly regurgitated by environmentalists. In this paper not only is King Coal to blame but the smelting and production of metal ores, various mining processes, and the use of nitrogen as a fertiliser by farmers is given the thumbs down. It looks to be an attempt to make acidity the next big environmental issue – more proof that CAGW is going down the tubes.

Another dead horse being over-whipped can be found at www.physorg.com/print236850210.html where climate scientists of a particular hue, buried with their heads up to their ears, are sticking to the fundamentals of their belief system. In spite of evidence that the Sun plays a prominent role in temperatures on the surface of the earth – or in ways not acknowledged by their models and computer simulations of how climate is thought to work, which is briefly outlined in this piece, they are sticking to their guns. After describing briefly both sides of the argument the paper deteriorates towards the end by trotting out all the worn out memes – presumably for funding purposes.

On a more sober plane of reality, over at http://notrickszone.com October 4th (Climate News from Germany in English) what might be the repercussions on your average person if a massive switch to renewables were to occur and fossil fuels were replaced in the production of energy (electricity). It would, according to physicist Gerd Geutefer, cost each German household 800 euros a month, or 10,000 euros a year. The cost of green energy would become so great people would not be able to afford it and would  massively reduce their use of electrictiy (and a myriad appliances). At the same time there are a lot of people out there, a minority of course, actually salivating at the prospect of the transfer of money from the pockets of ordinary folk into their own receptacles (too much for their pockets). It might be worth noting that Marie Antoinette suggested the French peasants eat cake rather than bread – she didn't advocate not eating anything. When it comes to renewables it will become a case of have or have not.

The post on the same site for October 2nd is also worth trawling and is based on a paper in a journal, Climate of the Past. The research was done on a peat bog in Germany and this showed, once again, that European temperatures have gone up and down over the last 2000 years – and nowhere resembles the hockey stick so beloved of a vociferous group of climate scientists. There is nothing unexpected in the findings, although the researchers express surprise, as Hubert Lamb was saying the same kind of thing in the middle of the 20th century (and many other studies have reached the same conclusion in the meantime). Unfortunately, most of these are ignored by the climate science fraternity enjoined to CAGW and no doubt they will find this study just as distasteful and proceed to ignore it altogether – as is their wont. 

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