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Megalithic Star Watching

12 October 2011

It seems cosmic alignments are still in vogue in Germany. They have not been stifled in the same manner as in the UK – or so it would seem. At www.heritageportal.eu/index.php?view=article&centid=press-release&kid=an… we are told there is a huge early Celtic calendar construction within the royal tombs of Magdalenenberg in the Black Forest. The order of the burials around the central royal tombs fits exactly, according to a computer simulation,  with the constellations as seen in the sky above Germany. However, the Sun was not the focus of alignment – it was the position of the lunar standstills every 18.6 years. The Celtic calendar was lunar. However, the twist is that the pattern of the constellations fits the early part of the northern hemisphere year – between Midwinter and Midsummer. In addition, it was constructed during the Iron Age, in the 7th century BC.

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