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15 October 2011

A beautiful piece with the title, 'Why Einstein was wrong about being wrong' is at www.physorg.com/print237818552.html and begins with the Theory of Relativity, a mathematical equation, and how it meant the universe was either expanding or contracting. Einstein went on to tweek the theory and adopted the 'cosmological constant' in order to counteract gravity. Some years later Edwin Hubble found the universe was in motion and this led, after some deliberation, to the Big Bang Theory. Meanwhile, Einstein became worried that he had tweeked the Theory of Relativity unneccessarily – and publicly retracted the idea of a cosmological constant. He claimed he had made a blunder. However, the dsicovery of 'dark energy'  appears to have put Einstein back in step – dark energy may account for the cosmological constant. In other words, Einstein's blunder may not have been so after all – which is why he may have been wrong about being wrong. It all depends, of course on dark energy – is it real?

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