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Earth and Moon(s)

30 December 2011

Gary Gilligan sent in a link on this story a few days ago (www.msnbc.msn.com/id/45779867/ns/technology_and_science-space/ – and here it is again at www.physorg.com/print244271763.html. Since 2006 astronomers have been tracking small secondary moons that our own Earth/Moon system captures, temporarily, before they escape back into space – but what if the earth did once have a second permanent moon, or moonlets. That was of course part of a theory developed by former SIS member Len Saunders (see www.stonehenge-info.org) but here it is orthodox scientists that are suggesting something similar – but, of course, way back in millions of years of time.

PS … see also Universe Today and Neil Commins, 'What if the Earth had Two Moons?'

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