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A comet hitting the Sun

20 January 2012

We might all be interested in what the Electric Universe theory people might say about this but the post, and a video, can be found at www.physorg.com/print246211827.html and it will no doubt be viewed by many people around the world. A Sun grazing comet is caught by SOHO (the joint NASA/ESA enterprise) LASCO C2 camera as it dives into the Sun's heliosphere. It happened in July of last year but the paper has just been published in Science. Comets are thought to be too dim to be seen in the glare of the Sun's light but this comet was exceedingly bright as it moved across the face of the Sun before plunging. It took 20 minutes to disappear and in that time it broke apart, possibly into a dozen chunks embedded in a huge coma, a cloud surrounding the comet some 800 miles across, with a glaring tail 10,000 miles in length. Further, the tail and coma was pulsing – getting bright and then dimmin g only to brighten all over again. NASAs Solar Dynamic Observatory plans to use the new camera technique more often as it takes images at 12 second intervals as opposed to other camera systems that take images in minutes rather than seconds. 

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