New dates for Egyptian necropolis … and titbits

18 March 2012

At … Polish researchers have redated burials at Meidum that were formerly restricted to dynasty 4. It seems burials continued at the necropolis all the way down to the New Kingdom, shattering previous assumptions. These assumptions that formed a consensus (oh dear, that word once again) it seems have never been questioned until now – and a breath of fresh air has entered the debate. Why is the consensus accepted without substantiation – in many areas of science?

At has a nice article with pictures on Flag Fen near Peterborough. Lots of everyday farming material has been preserved intact because the site became waterlogged and it was buried in peat.

At … and a report on a large earthwork, the Mound of Down, near Downpatrick. It may only be 800 years old, raised up above the remains of a Norman warlord.

At … a paper in Science claims human evolution has been affected by climate change in the past – in this instance, the coolings and warmings of the Pleistocene. Lots of pen and ink derived from scraps of information. We might just as easily say that human evolution has been affected by catastrophism – and the bottlenecks it created.

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