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4 April 2012

There are some fascinating posts on the blog of Tall Bloke over the last few days – see http://tallbloke.wordpress.com or Tall Bloke's Talkshop. For example, on 3rd April and again, on the 5th, some interesting graphs by Vukcevic. Is the Svensmark theory vindicated by what happened during the last couple of weeks, in reference to that huge sunspot and sbusequent solar flare. On the 3rd April the subject is late 20th century warming – has it got it's origins elsewhere and has it nothing to do with co2? The graphs he drops by (at various blogs) seem to show late 20th century warming as it appears on HAD Cru and NASA GISS is mostly derived from Russia and Siberia (a giant red blob that does not appear to make sense as there is no warming in nearby areas such as Kamchatka and Alaska. What was going on? Is it just a coincidence that this period coincides with the collapse of communism in the USSR – when presumably weather station data was not collected at some of them, or monitored in a less regular fashion. Why is the warming pronounced in those regions most likely to have stopped recording temperatures at that point in Russian history? Intriguing.

On 4th April Tall Bloke discusses alternative theories to Greenhouse physics in what is a long article followed by lots of educated comments. Tall Bloke filters out the trolls, teenagers messing around and the not so bright or silly remark which enables him to attract a loyal band of serious commenters that are very knowledgeable and eager to learn and discuss the various subjects on the blog. The comments are always worth browsing – unlike some sites. Neither is Tall Bloke saying this is right and that is wrong – he is open to all angles, especially when it comes to CAGW, and is particularly eager to give an airing to new ideas.

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