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Younger Dryas boundary event again

8 May 2012

Dennis Cox at 'A Catastrophe of Comets' – http://craterhunter.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/a-core-project-to-watch/ is all about the hypothetical Younger Dryas boundary event – in this instance, in Mexico and California. A core drilling is now underway in a lake in northern California that may shine light on the period, but the main research of the core into lake sediments is designed to find evidence and predict how flora and fauna coped in the past with major abrupt climate change. The loot was passed over for the purpose of looking at how modern global warming might impact on the natural world. The lake was chosen as the sediments on the bottom are thought to go back 500,000 years – a prodigious period of time. It will involve lots of useful data from the Ice Ages – and how they affected the climate in California. The Younger Dryas event is one point in the records that will be especially interesting for the researchers as it involves a sudden and abrupt drop in temperatures.

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