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Carrington super-flare

23 May 2012

At www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6100 there is a forum debate on the 1859 Carrington super-flare that caused a magnetic storm with aurora visible all over the world, even in the Caribbean. We've all heard about the telegraph system that became overloaded, was shut down but telegraphs could still be sent as there was so much electricity in the atmosphere, but there were also storms in California of an unusual intensity and temperatures that rose to 133 degrees (fahrenheit). Peter Mungo Jupp had some nice stuff on storms at sea, high waves and over one hundred and thirty ships sunk in one single storm, and another commenter mentioned a global flu epidemic in 1859 and he suspects the super-flare in some way impacted on biology in ways we do not currently recognise.

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