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C14 anomaly at Nineveh

22 June 2012
Ancient history

The C14 anomaly at Nineveh is being discussed at the New Chronology forum – NewChronology [at] yahoo [dot] groups [dot] com … and it seems a reason for the discrepancy, some 150 years, between the historical ending of Nineveh in 612BC and a C14 date obtained from the destruction layer, is being put down to a fish diet – old carbon in river water. However, see www.cybis.se/forfun/dendro/index.htm where Scandinavians, checking out the Belfast dendro, say it is out by a couple of centuries. Baillie is yet to respond.

Genetics and the people of Ethiopia – some interesting results. At www.geneticarchaeology.com/research/Genomics_and_African_queens.asp … is a story involving a genetic study of Ethiopians. It found the genome of some of the population of Ethiopia has a striking similarity to those of Israel and Syria and somebody is naturally saying the link is with the Queen of Sheba and her liason with Solomon.

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