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Some more on mammoths

22 June 2012
Inside science

At www.cosmosmagazine.com/features/online/5152/mammoths … did you know there were mammoths in North Africa – and they evolved to live in warm tropical forests? The Columbian mammoth is known fron N America and as far south as Mexico. The Woolly Mammoth first appeared in Euroasia but migrated, at some stage, into North America – as far south as Kansas.

Two sites on Ice Age flooding incidents – go to http://hugefloods.com and http://iceagefloods.blogspot.co.uk … however if you want to check out what Patten and Windsor had to say about the mammoths, the Ice Ages, and the end of the Pleistocene (some time ago). In chapter 2 of the Patten and Windsor book (1992) he quotes Indian geologist Wadia on the incidence of erratic boulders up to and over 100 tons in weight found in northern India but with an origin in the south – with the usual explanation, glaciation. (DN Wadia (1953) The Geology of India, London:Macmillan, page 302). Patten interprets the erratics from a different angle – moved by water rather than glaciation, and used the south to north movement as a positive indicator.

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