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Gask Ridge frontier

2 September 2012

At www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/09/2012/surveying-romes-forgot… … the Gask Ridge frontier is associated with a line of Roman forts and watchtowers first picked out by aerial photography, stretching from Douan near Stirling to Stracathro in Angus. They were built during the first dizzy military successes of the Romans, in the first century AD. They roughly follow the boundary between the Scotthis central lowland valley and the high ground of the Highlands.

At http://phys.org/print265621377.html … archaeological investigations at the Iron Age hill fort of Ham Hill in Somerset are continuing. They have found a house with stone walls, and again, there is eveidence of the Romans. In the Bronze Age (second millennium BC) the top of Ham Hill was systematically divided into fields but the construction of the hill fort, in the mid to late first millennium BC, seems to have covered them up.

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