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All smiles in China

29 September 2012
Climate change

At http://phys.org/print267377704.html … the bankrupt EU is to payroll super economy China – and a picture shows them smiling, and no wonder. The great and the good are so desperate to keep the co2 gravy train rolling, and the emissions trading market in particular, they are willing to rob EU taxpayers down to their last pfennig (or whatever the Euro little bits are known by), filling their deep pockets even as the Greeks pick around on rubbish tips. How is this all going to end?

On the same theme, another whacky idea can be found at http://phys.org/print267383310.html … the ancient forests found in the extreme north of Canada might return as a result of CAGW – and yes, this is seriously being touted. This is going to happen in spite of the fact the Pole is in darkness most of the winter. The researcher is however confident and is reported as saying that according to climate models (for some reason he describes them as data models) his grandchildren will be able to plant a tree in the Arctic and watch it grow. Current temperatures at the site average around minus 15 degrees C – but he can live in hope I suppose.

However, the real snorter is at www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2012/9/26/wood-insanity-be-the-reason.html … and this is an absolute cracker. Drax power station, wickedly users of King Coal, are switching, at great expense, to the burning of wood, chip and waste wood, even cuttings from hedges, as a way round the forthcoming prohibitive co2 tax about to be levied on industrial co2 emissions – and power stations are a prime target, especially any of them daring to burn coal. In one of those strange double think ways, wood is classified as global warming friendly – god only knows why, or is it because politicians are really quite thick when it comes to the real world. The fact that coal is formed from compressed wood and vegetation, with the odd animal fossil included, one wonders why it is defined as anything worse than wood pulp, wood chips, or vegetable matter specifically grown for burning in power stations. Not only that, pollutants from burning wood will cause clean air issues – or will these be brushed under the greenie rose coloured goggles.

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