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Loopholes on the Sun

11 October 2012

At http://phys.org/print269077571.html … a paper in the journal Solar Physics is based on data gleaned from the Hinude telescope, which is proving to be such a boon. Whereas 'defenders of the faith' might airbrush aside what is not known with a simple flourish of the arms and mouth, scientists are actually pushing away at the secrets the Sun might yet be hiding. For example, in this pape, the 'slow' soslar wind is said to come from a surface full of closed magnetic structures that should #'prevent' gases from escaping. However, it now seems the solar wind escapes into the universie from region where the magnetic field vanishes – and they are being called 'null' points, or 'loopholes'. The slow solar wind is twice as dense as the faster solar wind, that which is emitted by CMEs, but all the planets spend most of their time immersed it – to varying degrees. In reality the Earth's own magnetic field allows the slower solar wind to blow over our atmosphere but some of the other planets, such as Venus and Mars, with no magnetic field, have their atmosphee stripped away. Needless to say, computer simulation of these new facts have allowed scientists to create a model of what might be going on at the surface of the Sun – and np doubt the 'defenders of the faith' will soon be quoting the modelled hypothesis, quietly dropping whatever they might be saying at the moment. The Hinude telescope is proving to be a wonderful tool and scientists will continue to delve into the insights it allows them and they will continue to prod and push at the idea of a consensus.

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