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The Sun and the Climate Part Two

29 October 2012

In response to the Oct 22nd posting, The Sun and the Climate, the mathematical explanation of Bode's Law may actually have already been worked out – by Robert Bass. He was due to speak at the SIS conference on 'Cosmic Catastrophes – Asteroids, Comets and Planets' held at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge in 2007, in order to present his explanation of the Titus-Bode Law. Unfortunately he had to withdraw and we never learnt what it was. His theory was published in a refereed journal but Bass has said, and confirmed, that he made a fundamental error, which the referee missed as well. Any mathematician seeking to find an alternative explanation would be well advised to visit the Bass web site at http://www.innoventek.com/science  and read article 32, 'Dynamic Origin of Bode's Law' in order to appreciate how difficult the problem is. Hat tip to Lawrence Dixon.

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