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A different equatorial region

17 November 2012

At http://phys.org/print272208228.html … we learn that in the Ordovician era, which is a very long time ago, the equator ran down the western side of North America with a hurricane belt to the east, an area that included what is now New York State (for example). Durham University geologists have been closely involved in the research, looking at fossil assemblages and sedimentary layering. The results have been published in the journal Geology and it includes a map of the ancient equator passing across northern Greenland to southern California by way of Nevada, Utah, and the heart of Canada. What is also said is that magnetic data show the Earth had a similar magnetic field to that of today and enjoyed the same or similar climatic belts as exist today (but in different places and reflecting the revised equator). It is assumed the Earth has not moved at the Poles but the continents have moved as a result of Plate Tectonics – see doi:10.1130/G33688.1

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