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Arcchaeology to look forwards to

18 November 2012

At www.archaiologia.gr/en/blog/2012/11/14/an-ancient-city-1200-100-bc-comes… … a chance to test a revision of history might come to light as well. An investigation of a town known to have existed from the Late Minoan period all the way into the 2nd century BC. The excavations reports will be interesting.

Meanwhile, at http://news.yahoo.com/ancient-mariners-did-neanderthals-sail-mediterrane… … well, that would put boats really back into the prehistoric period. It seems the idea the Mediterranean islands were first settled by humans around 9000BC, in the early Holocene, might not be true. The discovery of stone tools on Crete that belong 170,000 years ago, deep into the Neanderthal era, is upsetting the consensus – and worse, boats may even go back to the days Homo erectus was walking around.

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