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Some new dates suggested at Stonehenge

3 December 2012

This is an important one, I think, but not necessarily the last word on the subject. At www.livescience.com/25157-stonehenge-megaliths-timeline-enigma.html … Robert Ixer and Timothy Darvill are suggesting the sarsen horseshoe was erected prior to the bluestone oval and circle that surrounds it – as early as 2600BC. The bluestone rearrangement, they allege, was somewhat later, at the time of the arrival of the Beaker people, in around 2450BC (but perhaps somewhat later, closer to 2300BC). Mike Parker-Pearson says something similar in his book. He also claims the bluestones did not come directly from Wales but were already there – as stones arranged in two circles, a small one at the end of the Avenue and a greater one, represented by what are now known as the Aubrey Holes, around the perimeter of the henge rather than in their present location in the centre of the henge. Darvill is of the opinion the blue stones were brought from the Preseli region, presumably at the time of the Beaker people – so we have a mixture of opinions and no doubt the dates will be juggled around for some time to come. The interesting thing will be how they pan out in relation to the wider world. For example, the Early Bronze Levant is subdivided into three phases, marked by site destructions, migrations, and temporary upheavals. These are at the end of EBI and EBII, with end of EBIII coming in around 2300BC, and end of EBIV coinciding with end of Akkad. The Early Bronze Sumerian period is subdivided very similar to the Levant, Syria, and mid-Euphrates region, as Early Dynastic I, II, and III. The big question is do these rearrangements at Stonehenge correspond to the points in time delineated above – or are they off-set. Now, in order for a cosmic angle to grow legs it would be necessary for a global dimension, and the points in time to correspond exactly. If other factors are involved,  they will not correspond spatially in time. Worth bearing in mind as the story of Stonehenge unfolds.

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