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Murder in the Mummy and Trojans that never went away – just the Hittites

20 December 2012

Two archaeological pieces of detective work, real or unreal. At www.livescience.com/25647-mummy-murder-mystery-solved.html … we learn that the mummy generally considered to be that of Ramses III has a deep throat wound, and it is suspected, he was assassinated. It is known there was an attempt on his life – from a trial that is recorded on a papyrus document. It was thought the assassination attempt failed. If so, they came back for second helpings – or the initial attempt on his life was successful. This involved a palace coup led by one of his wives and prince Pentawere, their son. Sounds a bit like David and Absalom.

At www.newscientist.com/article/mg21628964.200-ancient-city-of-troy-rebrand… … is another interpretation of the archaeology at Hissarlik

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