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‘Poley’ Bears and the Poles

22 December 2012
Climate change

Polar Bears, or 'poley' bears as one commenter insists on calling them, was a feature of CAGW exposed by Christopher Booker in one of his write-ups in 2009, where he reiterates most of what other sceptics have been saying for several years prior to that. To illustrate the media driven doomsaying Booker points out that only some polar bear scientists were acceptable to the inner core of climate science (in bed with media). Other specialists were excluded as they did not bring bad news – polar bears in decline, drowning, resorting to eating each other, etc. – see www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/5664069/Polar-b…

Well, Poley Bears in polar regions have again been the focus of some write-ups, and featured at http://judithcurry.com/2012/12/21/never-look-a-polar-bear-in-the-eye/ which is recommended reading – and all you want to know about the debate and the doomsaying featured in the media. For a more scientific approach to Polar Bears you can read what the real polar bear scientists think – go to www.polarbearscience.com and follow some of the links. Scroll down and you will come across a piece with a map of polar bear fossil finds and surprise, or not such a surprise, polar bear remains have been found in Scandinavia and the UK dating from the Late Glacial Maximum, even perhaps the Younger Dryas period. Well, that might be consistent with a changing position of the Poles – but not evidence of changing positions of the Poles. It is the collation of lots of bits and pieces such as this that will eventually make a larger folder of positive evidence that counts, or not.

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