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Warriors from Crete and a Mesolithic horticultural spot

17 January 2013

At www.shef.ac.uk/news/nr/war-central-minoans-ancient-crete-1.235205 … it seems the Bible might be right about the Cretan bodyguard of King David. Since the discovery of Minoan Crete there has been created a rather wishy washy paradigm that the Minoans were a peaceful non-military people, but Sheffield University researchers suggests this rather Utopian view is quite the opposite, and even the Mycenaeans learnt some tricks from the Minoans.

At www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/o01/2013/mesolithic-people-ada…   … we learn that Mesolithic people in the Severn River valley used fire to work the environment in order to benefit certain food species such as hazelnuts, raspberries, and crab apples.

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