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Climate Change in the Urals and maps of the bottom of the sea

18 January 2013

The Russian Academy of Sciences has produced evidence to show porcupines occupied the Ural Mountains, a generally cool location, during the last major interglacial event. This is one of those strange reports as it is thought temperatures were just a bit warmer than in modern times – but this find indicates it was much warmer. In the Urals, that is. The discovery from a cave deposit and therefore the dating might be conjectural – but it can hardly have been that warm during the intervening Ice Age – could it? The porcupine is an animal of broadleaved forest, not a boreal animal. There were the remains of bears and wolves and these inhabit cool temperatures as well as warmer zones. See http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/prehistoric-porcupi…

Meanwhile, over at http://antiquity.ac.uk/projgall/sakellariou334/ … submerged prehistoric archaeology – see maps of reconstructed continental shelf systems around the coasts of Britain. It is thought the North Sea has come and gone – on several occasions.

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