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Ice Age Art in the British Museum

31 January 2013

This is an intersting exhibition running between February 7th and the 26th May 2013 – see www.britishmuseum.org … If you wondered where Henry Moore might have got inspiration for some of his strange sculpture we may note one of them, at least, appears to bear some striking parallels with a female figurine reputedly made over 20,000 years ago. The exhibition also includes mock ups of European caves complete with representations of the paintings found at Chauvet, Altamira and Lascaux, which is advertised as providing the visitor with the illusion of actually been inside the caves and seeing them as they really are – which must be worth a visity just for that. In addition, various other bits of Ice Age art are included, fashioned from mammoth tusks, reindeer antlers, or soft stone such as steatite.

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