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Ozone and Jet Streams

2 February 2013
Climate change

At http://phys.org/print278861188.html … apparently, ozone levels influence the southern hemisphere jet stream – but not the northern hemisphere jet stream. This rather strange finding is even more bizarre when one realises they have ignored the role of the solar wind and how it effects jet stream movement. Piers Corbyn, for example, seems to think the jet stream is affected by solar and lunar cycles, closer to the Arctic circle in some circumstances, and somewhat below at others. For example, the weather in Britain this year has been dominated by the jet stream – which is much further to the south than it is in normal years (but what is normal as far as climate is concerned?). In other words, southern and middle England has had a generous helping of the kind of weather normally enjoyed by the Scots. Has it got anything to do with ozone? They appear very nervous of actually discarding any of their former scare mongering factoids – so perhaps they just change them a bit and carry on as before.

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