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Claude Schaeffer

10 February 2013

An interesting update on Claude Schaeffer can be found at https://lirias.kuleuven.be/bitstream/123456789/373607/1/SRL2013-Jusseret… and the authors have even consulted the Velikovsky Archives. It seems the ideas of Schaeffer may in part have been inspired by Arthur Evans, who excavated at Knossos and interpreted various destruction layers there to the effects of earthquakes. It is also interesting in the way that Schaeffer and Evans ideas were buried by mainstream, promulgating a raft of critiques that sought to blame the inspiration of their catastrophic ideas on the fact they were writing in violent and catastrophic times, WWII. That kind of psychology has been levelled at Velikovsky too and it is interesting to note that in the modern world psychology is being used to counter sceptics of CAGW – nothing seems to change. It is also clear that Evans and Schaeffer were recording the effects of something else that triggered the earthquakes – if indeed they did happen over a wide geographical area (and all indications are that in the Bronze Ages they did). The same thing can be applied to the research of the Freunds and Shaviv (and others) on the incidence of atmospheric effects shortly before earthquakes occurred in the ground below. What is the trigger of the atmospheric effects?

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