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That Space Rock

15 February 2013

The space rock 2012DA14 has passed by without anything out of the ordinary happening -safe to look out of the window. However, it wasn't for the Russian population of a town about 100 miles east of Moscow. At http://news.yahoo.com/video/russian-meteorite-caught-tape-injuries-07182… … there is a video of a fireball that struck central Russia in which 500 people are said to have been injured, mainly as a result of shattered windows and flying glass. The people of Chelyabinsk were treated first to a loud explosion above, a bright flash of light, and the shock-wave.

Quick of the mark, too quickly perhaps, NASA informed the world it had nothing to do with the space rock passing by the Earth on the same day. A coincidence? (see www.space.com/19806-russia-meteor-explosion-asteroid-flyby.html). The space rock is 150 feet wide and the meteor is thought to have been a fraction of that – going by a quick evaluation of the energy involved. According to NASA even the directions differed – and was much too early in any case.

At www.livescience.com/27171-meteor-crash-russia-injuries.html … NASA is quoted again but this time saying a meteor, several metres wide, pancaked and exploded. It comes two days after pancake day – so was that on his mind too. On this occasion the NASDA spokesman says, 'this bolide event probably had nothing to do with the upcoming close Earth approach of asteroid 2012DA14 …' which is a much better evaluation and shows it is all in the reporting and not what was actually said, Russian Television station 'Russia Today' released the video. There is now a post on this with comments at http://cosmictusk.com

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